Q: I found some cracks in my MI-DEL pie crust. Will my pie crumble when I make it?

A: Cracks and breaks can occur with handling.  Two possible resolutions — often the crust will fuse back together during the baking process or before you remove the packaging you can use the mild pressure of your thumb or index finger to achieve the same result.


Q: Members of my family have allergies.  Different sources often give different information on what allergen attributes a product may have.  Where can I find the most accurate allergen information?

A: Our packaging will always contain the most up to date allergen and ingredient statements. Each statement is specific to a given product.  No allergen or ingredient statement applies to all MI-DEL items.  Read each package thoroughly.


Q: I saw an “Allergen Safe” logo on a MI-DEL pie crust package, what does this mean?

A: Our pie crusts are free from the eight common allergens which include: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, fish, and shellfish.  Our manufacturing facility is completely gluten and peanut free.  Additionally, safety and third-party testing protocols are in place to restrict storage and use of any allergen and to ensure that no cross contamination with any of these allergens occurs at any time.


Q:  Are MI-DEL Gluten-Free Cookies casein free?

A:  The following items are casein free: Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps, Gluten-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, and Gluten-Free Vanilla Sandwich Cookies.


Q: Where does the flavor come from in MI-DEL Cookies?  Could it contain gluten?

A: The flavors in MI-DEL Cookies are a proprietary blend we have created over decades of baking in our kitchens.  As we baked, we tweaked that blend to provide that unique flavor and crisp crunch.  So we keep the recipes confidential, but we will gladly address any specific concern if you contact us.  For the Gluten-Free cookies, of course the flavors are always Gluten-Free.


Q: Do MI-DEL Gluten-Free sandwich cookies contain dairy?

A: No, MI-DEL Gluten-Free Sandwich Cookies do not contain any dairy.


Q: What does “MI-DEL” stands for?  What is its significance?

A: MI-DEL Cookie recipes were created by Samuel Midel and his wife.  Their children were so proud of what their parents created that they used their last name for the brand.


Q: My child has a corn allergy.  Is there corn in MI-DEL Cookies?

A: MI-DEL Organic Cookies DO NOT contain corn.  MI-DEL Gluten-Free cookies DO contain corn products.


Q: Are MI-DEL Snaps supposed to be hard?

A: Old-fashioned, Swedish style MI-DEL Snaps are formulated to have a very crunchy bite.


Q: Why are MI-DEL Snaps sometimes crumbly instead of crisp?  At times, the cookies taste soft and then fall apart in your mouth and other times the texture of the cookies is hard.  Why are the cookies inconsistent from bag to bag?

A: MI-DEL snaps are made with organic flour.  Although the goal is to maintain a consistent taste and texture, the organic flour can present textural variations from batch to batch.


Q: Are MI-DEL products Kosher?

A: Yes. All MI-DEL products are Kosher.