A Bite of History: Snappy Cookies for Healthy Snacking

MI-DEL is part cookie story, part family story. And part of the history of the growth of the health foods business in the U.S.

Samuel Midel: Inventor and Entrepreneur — yes, there was a Mr. Samuel Midel. He invented the world’s snappiest cookies. Mr. Midel ran a small food company in Chicago…and noticed that whenever he offered healthier products they were all “SNAPPED UP”. Suspecting his customers had a hunger for more (and trying to satisfy the cookie cravings of his daughters Frieda and Evelyn in a healthy way) he got creative.

Original Honey Grahams Recipe Leads the Way – one of his most popular early items was a Honey Graham Cracker reminiscent of the traditional good taste of Dr. Sylvester Graham’s original.

By the mid 1940’s business was thriving and the husbands of Frieda and Evelyn took charge, agreeing to change the name to MI-DEL, in honor of their in-laws who developed the company’s original cookie recipes. They soon saw that selling to health food stores was the trend of the future and were happy to oblige.

Today MI-DEL is part of PANOS Brands, and is still growing strong, and providing a healthy way to satisfy everyone’s need for delicious cookies.