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Make back to school #MIDELicious with a milk and cookies break! From snacking straight out of the bag on our crispy Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps to choosing your own adventure with our Apple Cinnamon Animal Cookies, MI-DEL has something to make the back-to-school lunches and snacking even better!

Our Ginger Snaps have that classic taste and crispy-crunch that little and big kids love! MI-DEL Ginger Snap Cookies are good for school lunches since they’re peanut-freeā€”just look for the little peanut icon on front of the bag!

Make a kid-approved pie using our top-8 allergen-safe pie crusts which come in Graham-Style, Ginger Snap and Chocolate Snap. Bonus points if you have our Apple Cinnamon Animals take a dip!

Photo credit: @thevegansix

Looking for more? Pack an extra surprise in their lunch by slipping in our fun cookie coloring page, too!